We assess the impact of urban change on health and equity.

INTERACT is a pan-Canadian collaboration of scientists, urban planners, and citizens uncovering the impact of urban changes on health and equity. Our work contributes to sustainable and equitable urban development for generations to come.

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The first wave of data is in.

The first wave of data has been collected, processed and stored for all INTERACT cities. Our team is busy working on analyzing the data, but we already have findings to share. Find out how people are experiencing changes in their cities. 

Our interventions

Canadian cities will spend billions on urban infrastructure. How will these investments impact our health and well-being? Who stands to benefit, and how ?

INTERACT is currently evaluating interventions in four cities.

Discover our team

INTERACT is a pan-Canadian team with over 50 researchers, collaborators and partners, and over 2500 citizens.

Trainee projects

INTERACT is actively recruiting students to contribute to high-impact research linking urban design and population health. Join our team!

Our partners