Flash reviews

Transit Access Measures

This flash review will examine how access to public transit, including bus and subway systems, has been measured in the literature. The review is largely based on a slide deck and upcoming publication of a systematic review conducted by Dr. Gillian Booth’s team on transit access. The question of access to transit is relevant for INTERACT as it is the crucial component of the Saskatoon study. Changes in transit access are also potential confounders in observed associations between cycling infrastructure (Victoria) and Arbutus (Vancouver). Full text

Business considerations of bus rapid transit

The City of Saskatoon has proposed the implementation of bus rapid transit (BRT) in Saskatoon and business owners requested research on how BRT or BRT-like transformations have impacted businesses in comparable cities, as documented in the literature. This flash review explores how BRT or BRT-like transformations impact local businesses and economic indicators.  Full text