Will all the changes in our neighbourhoods lead to a healthier city?

The Montreal Area is continuing the shift towards sustainable development and our neighbourhoods are seeing changes. There are more bike paths, more green spaces, more pedestrian areas, and better transit.  Can all these changes have an impact on a bigger scale? Will they make the city a happier and healthier place to be? We’re checking in with thousands of people from the Montreal region to find out, and we want you along for the ride!

In spring 2018, INTERACT launched a five-year study to uncover how urban changes in the Montreal region are impacting physical activity, social participation, and well-being of residents – and whether these impacts are felt equally across different socioeconomic groups.

Thank you, Montreal!

Recruitment for the first wave of INTERACT’s study in Montreal is now closed.  To stay informed about INTERACT’s research and opportunities to participate in future studies, join our mailing list.


enjoy cycling in the city


think their neighbourhood is improving


think changes in their neighbourhood has boosted their quality of life

What will I do?

As a participant you will be invited to:

  • Complete two online surveys
  • Collect locational data through your mobile phone or other wearable device (optional)

There will be three waves of data collection, once in 2018, and again in 2020 and 2022. New participants may join at any wave.

What are the benefits?

  • Join a community of scientists, urban planners, public health experts, and engaged citizens with a common interest in designing healthier cities for all.
  • Contribute to innovative research that will help Montreal and other cities make smart planning decisions to support population health for generations to come.
  • Choose from a selection of flexible and online participation options.
  • You will be automatically entered into a draw to win prizes.

How did participants respond?

The health questionnaire focuses on lifestyle, health, transportation habits and the perception of change in the neighbourhood. VERITAS is a map-based questionnaire which allows respondents to indicate where and with whom they do certain activities.

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The intervention

Montreal Community 2016-2020 sustainability plan, a total investment over $100M, is a comprehensive sustainability plan which includes urban form changes the city and ~230 partnering organizations will implement in the next five years. INTERACT is interested in evaluating traffic calming measures, changes in transportation infrastructure, and greening programs.


Please contact Marina Najjar (INTERACT Montreal Project Coordinator) at 514 890-8000, extension 31485 or