In the fall of 2022, INTERACT trainee Tessa Williams, RPP, MCIP and our collaborator Victoria Barr, PhD, Principal at LevelUp Planning Collaborative teamed up to review municipal equity policies across Canada. They share their takeaways for planners in Plan Canada’s Winter 2022 issue:

Canadian municipalities are creating policies to guide their approach to equity, both internally within governments and externally across communities. Planners possess both the power and responsibility to contribute to municipal equity efforts, as evidenced by the profession’s record of harming marginalized communities, through discriminatory design, disinvestment, displacement and disenfranchisement. However, this is a new area for many planners, and there are different ways to approach equity work. This article shares early findings from an environmental scan of equity policies in Canadian communities, and suggests takeaways for planning practice.


Williams T, Barr V. Municipal Equity Policies: Takeaways for planners. In Plan Canada, Winter 2022.