Situating social connectedness in healthy cities: a conceptual primer for research and policy

Abstract In response to growing levels of social isolation and loneliness in cities, the promotion of social connectedness has come to the forefront of urban health, sustainability, and resiliency agendas. Despite policy attention locally and internationally, social...

Can City Design Influence our Health and Well-being?

Canada will spend over $180 billion on infrastructure over the next 12 years¹. Are these investments the ‘healthy choice,’ and will they improve the health and well-being of Canadians?

Wave 1 results of the INTerventions, Research, and Action in Cities Team (INTERACT) cohort study: Examining spatio-temporal measures for urban environments and health

Abstract Built environment interventions have the potential to improve population health and reduce health inequities. The objective of this paper is to present the first wave of the INTErventions, Research, and Action in Cities Team (INTERACT) cohort studies in...

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We have four openings for post-doctoral fellows on the team. This project is part of the INTErventions, Research and Action in Cities Team (INTERACT) which is a CIHR-funded initiative that brings together research teams across Canada and knowledge users from cities,...