Cities increasingly recognize the need to invest in built environment transformations that promote positive health behaviours such as active transportation and social inclusion. Yet, we know very little about how the outcomes of these sustainability policies impact people on practical, physical, and emotional levels. To address this gap, we explore a diverse cross-section of individuals’ lived experiences of urban transformations related to the Montreal Sustainable Development Plan. We synthesize findings to (i) highlight commonalities and differences among individuals’ perceptions, and (ii) consider the negative and positive implications of these urban changes. Our work advances understandings of how city policies promote sustainability and impact health. Practically, this knowledge may better inform municipal approaches to encourage active transportation and social inclusion.





Karmann J, Najjar M, Vanier F, Ottoni C, Lord S, Winters M, Fuller D and Kestens Y. How do people perceive urban change, and why does this matter? A qualitative investigation of sustainability initiatives in Montreal. Presentation at the International Association of People-Environment Studies’ Conference; June 2020; Online.