Your city and your health are more connected than you think.

Vancouver is undergoing major changes, from a rapidly expanding cycling network to the development of urban greenways, slow streets and vibrant pop-up plazas. How will these types of changes impact you and future generations? Are they making our city a happier and healthier place to be, and if so, for whom?

 In 2017, INTERACT launched a multi-year study to uncover how the implementation of all these changes might impact physical activity, social connectedness, and well-being—and whether these impacts would be felt equally across different socioeconomic groups. This study is led by INTERACT researchers at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, in collaboration with partners and scientists across Canada.


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Recruitment for Vancouver’s study is closed for now. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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The intervention

Vancouver’s City Greenways are routes that prioritise active transportation, expand urban recreational opportunities, and serve as high-quality linear public spaces. Popular routes such as the Arbutus and Central Valley Greenways link neighbourhoods across Vancouver and carry regional cycling traffic between Vancouver and neighbouring municipalities, like Burnaby and New Westminster. The City is working toward building an integrated city-wide network of 18 Greenways that will be within a 10-minute cycle or half-hour walk of every residence in Vancouver.

Learn more about Vancouver’s City Greenway program.


get to the Arbutus Greenway on foot


use the ARBUTUS Greenway more in 2018, compared to 2017


think the Arbutus Greenway is a very good idea

How did participants respond two years ago?

The health questionnaire focuses on lifestyle, health, transportation habits and the perception of change in the neighbourhood. VERITAS is a map-based questionnaire which allows respondents to indicate where and with whom they do certain activities.


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