Hey Victoria, we think you’re on to something!

Victoria is on a journey to becoming one of the best small cities for cycling in the world, and we’re along for the ride.

In Spring 2017, INTERACT launched a five-year study to uncover how the implementation of Victoria’s All Ages and Abilities (AAA) Bike Network is impacting physical activity, social participation, and well-being – and whether these impacts are felt equally across different socioeconomic groups. 

Thank you, Victoria!

Surveys for 2019 are closed, and we’re busy compiling our results. Stay tuned for more info on what we found out!


of our cohort had heard about the AAA Cycling Network


think it’s a very good idea


of participants bicycle with children

What will I do?

As a participant you will be invited to:

  • Complete two online surveys
  • Collect locational data through a mobile phone app or wearable device

Data collection will take place one other time, in 2021.

What are the benefits?

  • Join a national community of scientists, urban planners, and engaged citizens with a common interest in the design of healthy and equitable cities.
  • Contribute to innovative research that will help cities like Victoria make smart planning decisions that support population health.
  • Receive a small gift card as a token of appreciation for your time in each year of the study.
  • Online and flexible participation options.

The intervention

Victoria’s All Ages and Abilities (AAA) Cycling Network introduces protected cycling infrastructure across the city, starting with the implementation of a 5.4km grid in the downtown core by 2018.  While such facilities are common in European cycling cities, to date no Canadian city has a protected cycling network serving all areas of the city.  Victoria’s $7.75M commitment to the AAA Cycling Network is an important step in its bold journey to becoming one of the best small cities for cycling in the world.

How did participants respond in 2017?

The health questionnaire focuses on lifestyle, health, transportation habits and the perception of change in the neighbourhood. VERITAS is a map-based questionnaire which allows respondents to indicate where and with whom they do certain activities.

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Please contact Karen Laberee, INTERACT Victoria Project Coordinator at victoria@teaminteract.ca