Stakeholder Reports

Victoria - Wave 1: Report to Stakeholders


INTERACT has launched a five-year study to uncover how the implementation of the All Ages & Abilities (AAA) Bicycle Network is impacting physical activity, social participation, and well-being. In 2017, we recruited over 300 adults who bicycle at least once per month in the City of Victoria.

Here, we focus on findings from the qualitative arm of our study, where we interviewed 25 participants who live in the City of Victoria. Three main themes arose from our interviews about how community design impacts health: neighbourhood attachment, social connectivity, and well-being.


Vancouver 2019: Report to Stakeholders

INTERACT and the Active Aging Research Team are leading an ongoing study on how the development of Vancouver’s Arbutus Greenway is impacting physical activity, social participation, and well-being of nearby residents, and whether these impacts are felt equally across different socioeconomic groups.

Here, we focus on who is using the Greenway, and the experiences of older adults (aged 65+ years). Find out what they thought of the Greenway, and how they plan to use it in the future.